Georgina Mortgages


Diana Campbell


430 The Queensway South

Office (Re/Max): (905) 476-4111

Cell Phone: (289) 221-2112

Mortgage Agent - Lic. #10409

Keswick, Ontario

L4P 2E1

Fax Machine: 1 (905) 656-6560


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to use a Mortgage Broker?
Nothing. A Mortgage Agent gets paid from the Lender directly once the deal has closed.
*Some fees may apply with private or complex financing*

Why use a Mortgage Agent rather than head to a bank?

Click here.

Can you only use a Mortgage Agent if you are purchasing?
No, a Mortgage Agent can also be used for Refinancing or Transferring your mortgage.

How many Lenders do you work with?
Homeguard Funding has access to 64 financial institutions and numerous Private Lenders.

Can I Purchase a home with no money down?
Yes, this is possible. Please contact Diana for full details.

Can I Purchase a home after claiming bankruptcy?
Yes, although certain criteria does apply. Please contact Diana for full details.

Can a Mortgage Agent help me with my credit score?
Diana can provide you with advice and guidance to building good credit. We also offer Secured Visa Cards to help build your credit/get your credit started.