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Diana Campbell


430 The Queensway South

Office (Re/Max): (905) 476-4111

Cell Phone: (289) 221-2112

Mortgage Agent - Lic. #10409

Keswick, Ontario

L4P 2E1

Fax Machine: 1 (905) 656-6560



With over 26 years of financial experience, Diana is bound to help you reach your home owning and financial goals.

Over the years Diana has helped her clients with their own unique situations and has helped make their financial and home owning goals achievable. We specializes in residential, rural, and cottage areas, and our business consists of first and second mortgages for both purchases and refinances. So whether you're a First Time Home Buyer, looking to Refinance, doing Home Improvements, Consolidating Debt, Self Employed, or just trying to find the lowest rate, Diana can help YOU. We can also give you some useful tips and advice to help you build your credit, income, or other qualifications, so you can eventually buy or refinance your home.

                Why use Diana as your Mortgage Agent?

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Why use a Mortgage Agent rather than head to a bank?

Mortgage agents are able to work with a variety of lenders which include major banks, trust companies, financial institutions, and private lenders. In doing so, we are guaranteed to find you a mortgage that best fits your own unique situation and with the lowest rates available.

Banks on the other hand, can only offer you their own mortgage products and rates.